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The Jaguar King

Of all the magical creatures in all the lands, some were considered more powerful than others. The Dark Forest was home to many of these powerful beings. One of the most magical families was the Blue Jaguar family. They lived deep inside the forest, in a part so shrouded in secrecy most did not know of its' existence.

As the legend went, the Jaguars were blessed with incredible powers and abilities. They were the fastest in the land and could jump from one mountain top to the next in one giant leap. Anyone who was lucky enough to have seen the Jaguars flying across the kingdom had never seen a more wondrous sight.

The family lived in a large clearing which was hidden from sight from above by the large trees that covered the entire Dark Forest. At the center of the clearing was a large, crystal clear lake glittered softly in the dark. The jaguars slept on the wide, mossy branches of the trees surrounding the lake. The mother and father jaguars lived there with their two daughter cubs. They were all a beautiful glossy blue with fur that glistened even within the dense forest. The two cubs had a small yellow patch of fur shaped like a star around one eye. All four had piercing green eyes, the colour of the moss around them.

One day, after the cubs had gone for a swim in the lake, they spotted a pink parrot up in one of the trees.

"Beebee! Look at that little parrot up there. Let's ask her to come and play with us."

The cubs bounded across the clearing and yelled out to the bird.

"Come down and play with us, please."

The little parrot sniffled and said sadly, "I wish I could but the mountain witch sent me here to collect moon stones and I haven't found any!" The poor creature wailed as she continued talking. "If I go back without any stones, she said she'll throw me in her cauldron!"

She kept sobbing while the cubs listened.

"Beebee, we have to help this little parrot." Sinsin, the slightly older cub said to her sister. "Don't worry, little one. Our daddy can help you! He's the most powerful jaguar in the whole kingdom."

"That's awfully nice of you," the parrot whispered, with a little hitch in her voice. "But she's too powerful. I don't want her to harm your father just for me. I'll just keep looking for the stones. You can help me if you like."

The cubs glanced at each other and winked. "Beebee will go with you and check the path to the North and I'll go ask around and see if anyone knows where the stones can be found."

Beebee followed the parrot down the path. Sinsin waited for them to disappear out of sight and then immediately ran to find her father. They all knew about the mountain witch who used these poor creatures to do her bidding. Only her father was strong enough to defeat her and save the little, pink parrot.

"Daddddyyyy!" Sinsin shouted out. "Come quick!"

"What's wrong Sinsin? Where's your sister?"

Her father, the King of the Jaguars and the Dark Forest, leaped out of his tree and landed lightly in front of her.

"We met this poor parrot who's been trapped by the mountain witch. She sent her here to find moonstones and the little bird is so scared because she hasn't found any. The witch said she would throw the parrot in her cauldron!"

The Jaguar King growled softly and muttered, "That witch has been a thorn in my side for a long time! It's time I reclaim the mountain and make it safe for all the creatures who live there."

"Can I help you Daddy?" Sinsin ran excitedly besides him."Get your sister and the parrot. We've given the witch enough chances to change her ways."

Sinsin streaked away and came back with Beebee and the pink parrot within minutes.

The Jaguars jumped up on the trees and raced through the tree tops.

"HOLD ON TIGHT!" The King and the cubs could run faster than the parrot could fly so she was on Beebee's back, gripping and holding on to her fur firmly.

They leaped over the lake where the magical blue roses grew and darted up the mountain side. Several creatures emerged from the woods to watch the King Jaguar take on the Mountain Witch. Word soon spread and hundreds of animals, birds and magical folk had gathered in the field below. This was a battle they would be talking about for eons to come. The jaguar king reached the entrance to the witch's cave and bellowed, "COME OUT!"

The witch heard the loud voice calling her and ran out in surprise. Who on earth would dare come to her mountain and yell at her. When she saw the Jaguar King and his two daughters standing with the pink parrot, she screeched at the parrot in anger. "HOW DARE YOU BRING ANYONE TO MY MOUNTAIN! Where are my moonstones!"

Before the parrot could reply, the King strode towards the witch and pawed the ground in front of her in warning.

"The parrot is under my protection now!"

The witch chuckled, "You need little cubs with you to face me?"

The King gave her a menacing look. "My girls have more power in one little paw than you have on your entire mountain. But this fight is between you and me, Witch, so keep your eyes on me, not on them."

She pretended to back away with her arms up in surrender. Just as she reached the entrance to her cave, she lunged inside and grabbed her wand. She turned to the Jaguar King and sent a stream of magic in his direction. Both the cubs, Sinsin and Beebee tried to rush forward but before they could the little parrot flew past them and straight into the witch. She knocked the witch's wand out of her hand and flapped her wings furiously around the witch's head.

While the witch was distracted, the King stood straight up in the air and slammed his front paws into the ground. Strong vibrations started shaking the mountain. Blue light spread on the ground outwards from the king's paws and covered the entire surface of the mountain. Including deep inside the witch's cave. Everything the light touched was suddenly filled with life again. Where earlier there was only dirt and rocks, now vibrant flowers sprung up, lush green trees and grass sprouted everywhere. The witch screamed and raged but the Jaguar had the power of the very earth in his body. Every bit of magic that existed in the kingdom could be accessed by the Jaguar King whenever he wanted. He rarely used it and never for himself. It was meant for those who lived under his protection. As life slowly filled a once empty and forlorn mountain, the witch seemed to shrivel up before the King.

"My mountain!

My cave!

My potions!"

She tried to enter her cave again but the King had already turned that dark hole in a vivid underground garden.

"This mountain belongs to the entire Kingdom and while I am here to protect it, no one will be allowed to intimidate or mistreat any other creatures."

He stepped towards her with his daughters close behind. "You are banished from this Kingdom for ten years. If you don't do any harm to any one in that time, I will allow you back in."

The witch grabbed her wand and her broom and quickly hopped on. The crowd gathered below had been quiet all this time but when they saw the witch fly off, they were filled with joy. They were finally free from the witch's reign of terror. The Jaguar King had saved them all!

"Thank you for saving me from that dreadful witch," the pink parrot whispered sweetly.

"We knew our Daddy could help you. He's always the best person to go to when you're in trouble!"

"All right now, girls, let's go home. Your mother must be back from her visit to Mystical Falls. Let's hurry home!"

They ran back home after saying goodbye to the parrot and everywhere they leaped, every tree top they bounced over, they were greeted by cheers and shouts of thanks. Sinsin and Beebee were so proud of their daddy. He always won his battles and saved everyone! He really was a Super Daddy Jaguar King.

That night all was calm across the land. And somewhere far, far away, an angry and defeated witch made her way to a new home with a wand and a broomstick, plotting her revenge against the King of the Jaguars.   

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