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The Fire Breathing Dragons

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Did you know that there are secret lands and kingdoms that are hidden from the rest of the world? In the Kingdom of Clarity, for example, dragons from all over the land gather every year. The Kingdom hosts a Championship for all the fire-breathing dragons. The strongest and most powerful dragons travel to the kingdom to claim their spot as the mightiest fire breather.

The Kingdom announced it’s contest and all the dragons started making their way across oceans and mountains, kingdoms and caverns. It was a gathering of all magical creatures and the fairies, witches, wizards and unicorns had been invited as well. Fire breathing dragons were incredibly sought after and their fire could create magic out of even ashes. All the other magical creatures hoped to find the dragon with the most intense and magical fire.

Within days, all the guests and contestants had reached the Kingdom of Clarity. This magical kingdom floated high above the land, with the castle’s towers often getting hidden behind the clouds. The only way to reach the kingdom was by flying there. Soon, the fairies and unicorns reached their tents and waited for the contest to begin. The witches and wizards watched the dragons slyly, hoping to identify the strongest one. The Queen appeared on the castle steps and the band blew their trumpets.

“The Championship of Dragons has BEGUN!” She made the announcement loudly and immediately hundreds of dragons formed a line in front of the castle. The sun had already set; the full moon glistened against the backdrop of a deep purple sky. Stormy clouds gathered over the kingdom while spectators gathered on neighboring mountaintops and waited with bated breath. The fire show was going to be spectacular.

While the opening ceremonies were going on, the contestants had all gathered in the main tent. Dragons of all shapes and sizes filled the room. The room looked like a rainbow had burst out in there, with all the gleaming scales in every colour imaginable. The most formidable dragon of all, Inferno, was standing in the center of the room. His dark red scales rippled with every movement. When he spoke, all the other dragons trembled at the sight of his razor sharp teeth. Inferno’s every step shook the floating kingdom and built up the anticipation amongst the crowd waiting outside.

At the opposite end of the tent, a smaller group of dragons were discussing the witches and wizards waiting outside. A small, blue dragon, Blaze had just heard them plotting and planning.

“They want everyone’s fire! They aren’t here just to see the contest.” Blaze paced anxiously, shaking his head as he tried to explain.

“Blaze, what in blazes are you saying?” His best friend Sparks pushed the other dragons out of the way and stood in front of him. “The Queen won’t let them steal our fire.”

“We’re stronger than a few measly magic folk.” Fiero bellowed from the back of the room. The rest of the dragons cheered and hooted in agreement.

“You don’t understand,” Blaze said quickly, before anyone else could disagree. “They’ve already prepared the potions that will steal our fire. When we start breathing fire, they are going to use the wind to blow the flames away and capture them in their wands.”

Suddenly, the floor began to quake. Inferno had overheard Blaze and strode over to them. They all went silent. No one moved a muscle.

“They want to steal MY fire? MY FIRE!” He roared angrily. Blaze and Sparks watched him nervously. They all had a chance if he helped them.

Sparks went up to him bravely and said, “I have an idea that could work if you agree to start the contest.”

“Go on,” he said. “I’m listening.”

“Well, we know they’ve hidden the potions behind the castle. If they are all watching you practicing on the field, Blaze and I can change the positions of the potions. Right now, they’re aimed towards the sky, where we would all be demonstrating our fire breathing skills. If we aim them towards the hill where the witches and wizards are gathered, the spells will only be cast on them. No dragon will lose their fire.”

Inferno smiled, his teeth glinting fiercely. “Do what the tiny spark says. SAVE OUR FIRE!”

“SAVE OUR FIRE!” All the dragons chanted in unison.

Inferno strolled on to the field and started practicing with small flames. Within minutes, the witches and wizards had circled him, watching with bated breath. The first part of the plan had worked! Fiero and the other tallest dragons went and placed themselves strategically behind the magic folk. No one would be able to see what was happening behind these massive dragons. Blaze and Sparks flew to the castle and quickly found the potions hidden amongst the flowers. They positioned them towards the practice hill and sprinted away. Sparks flew above Inferno and nodded. Let the games begin.

The competing dragons flew above the kingdom and went into the championship arena. One after another they all showed off their best fire skills. Inferno’s roar had fire extending across the skies and engulfing a near by mountaintop. Fiero blew out a stream of ice fire that extinguished the sea of flames and Blaze and Sparks each tried to out do the other with their dancing flashes of fire.

The fairies and unicorns cheered from down below. All eyes were on the magnificent fire show among the stars. The witches and wizards raised their wands and released their spells and waited. And waited. And waited. Where was the wind?

Suddenly, Inferno bellowed with joy. Sparks watched beams of light darting from the castle and engulfing the wands. The reversal of the spells worked! The beams shattered the wands and the broken pieces flew off in the wind. The dragons were safe!

The Queen walked up the hill and glared at the evildoers. Her voice resounded across the skies as she announced, “From this day forth, no wizards or witches may enter the Kingdom of Clarity with their wands, any spells or potions. Those who defy me will be banished FOREVER!”

A wave of silence descended across the kingdom before the dragons, fairies and unicorns erupted with joy and cheered loudly. The dragons flew down to celebrate with the rest of the spectators while the witches and wizards were sent away from the kingdom.

“Inferno is the Champion of the Year!” The Queen managed to shout out over the babble. Inferno swaggered up to claim his trophy while fireworks created by all the talented dragons burst into the air.

As the dragons danced and the fairies shimmered, the unicorns ambled over the hills and watched the wizards and witches slink away. They would be keeping an eye on them. Who knew what mischief they would plan next!

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